1. From Pam in Pheonix, AZ 

We purchased a Samoyed from Bob and Karen in October. I researched breeders for five months. Initially, the idea of working with a breeder from Canada seemed too complicated. They made the whole process quite easy. Without a doubt, they are exceptional individuals who are committed to their Samoyeds. They are also committed to making sure we, the buyers, are choosing the dog that is a right match. This level of integrity and compassion is so critically important when purchasing a dog. We had to go with an older dog because of my mother's limited mobility and various other circumstances. The dog we received was a true gift for my mom. Without hesitation, I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing a dog from Bob and Karen.

2. From Jim in Seattle, WA:

Hello Karin and Bob,

Everything went well on the way home. Thank you for the tip on getting to the boarder. At the crossing the boarder agent asked where we were and we told him that we had visited our friends who were dog breeders and then he asked if we were bring anything across the boarder, I replied, ' Just us and the dog' and he let us through without asking any other questions. I guess that makes Tiko either an undocumented alien or a US citizen.

We throughly enjoye him. He seems to have made a very easy transition into our family. From our perspective, it seems like we have had him for months, in a good way. He has proven to be motivated people pleaser, seldom causing any situations needing discipline. His faults have included not being or poorly leash trained (he is learning quickly and picking up some of the concepts of heeling.), trying to take over the sofa (which I don't mind and Kathy is quickly being 'trained') and his biggest wanton act, marking our foot stool because we left him by himself (this has not been repeated, now he goes to the bathroom and drags out the top of our waste paper basket to show he wasn't happy being left alone in the house). 

We have yet to locate a dog daycare but have not been in much of a rush because somebody has been home everyday unless leaving for a quick trip to the store. We have also made some inquires into fresh chicken and have found one supplier of backs and necks at about 50 cents a pound. We have received lots of compliments on him, as he often is taken along on short trips. A couple of the people taking notice of him were Samoyed owners. They liked his looks and his demeanor. 

In general, I have been surprised by his laid back attitude. The only times that he barks, ah vocalizes, is when he greets us. His 'around the house' attitude is leaning toward 'couch potato' and you can't insight him into high eagerness, except when getting ready for a walk. When going out on his own he doesn't stay out long and is usually eager to get back in the house. In public, on walks, he is a 'Gentleman'. He is appropriate and neutrally interested in other dogs, male and female. A couple of days ago a dog a little taller and heavier than Tiko, tried to start a fight while they were both on leashes. Tiko stood his ground and seemed to be saying 'What is your problem? Do you expect me to respond to that?' He made me look like I knew something about training a dog :-).

Tiko's biggest obstacle in the family, Cameron, our youngest has jumped on the band wagon. I have been concerned in that Cameron has been exceptionally puppy oriented and he has been known to blow things off when he perceives he is not been given an adequate hearing. He was not happy when we told him about our decision and it took 3 or 4 days for him to come around.

Its hard to believe that someone would return him. Since this is my forth Sam, I seem to be in an adequate position to say that for a Sam, he has been bred with excellent traits for a pet. The only thing that could have been better for us was to have gotten him as a puppy.

At this point, since we have become accustomed to Tiko becoming a US citizen through adoption, unless he does something to becomes a fugitive from US law, you can assume we will not be sneaking him back across the boarder. It appears Canada has lost one of its best. Sorry, sometimes these things just happen.

I haven't been to the office for a couple of days so if you have already sent his information, thank you. If you haven't sent it yet, please copy it to both the office and home address.

Thank you for the great dog ~ Jim and Family

1(a) Follow-up from Jim in Seattle, WA

Hi Karen/Bob, 
Just to let you know, Tiko has been an excellent Sam. All of our previous Sam's have stood out in different ways, but when considering the opinions of Kathy's and my large extended families, Tiko has easily been voted the best. His appearance and gentle personality have been an easy sell. Although only having him since last February, it seems he has been part of our family for years.

He is very attentive to the family without being underfoot or in the way. I've never had a Sam before that liked to be hugged like Tiko. He will stay when being hugged and will not pull away unless the hug becomes obviously too long. We do enjoy him. 
Kathy and Jim

3. From Chrisite in Vancouver, BC
Hi there, 

I don’t know if you remember me, but I got my sammy from you in Sep 2005. His name is Chicken Wiggins, from the litter of Soda and Tyko. I am sorry it has been so long since I have contacted you… Chicken and I have been very busy. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the greatest, most sweetest cuddle bug I have ever met! He has brought so many smiles to peoples faces. 

He has been coming to my child daycare (5-12year olds) since he was 2 ½ months old. I work at a daycare with many families who have had a lot of hard luck, and with Chicken there, he has brought so much joy to my children and families. He has been quite popular with the children at the school as well. Children flock to him and want to pat him or give him a hug. He is incredible with them! He occasionally gets into mischief, like running into the PE class or he will wander into the music class to sit and listen to recorders playing. We have a running club at daycare and he runs with us each day. The children love to run with him. 

Chicken and I moved really close to the beach- Jericho Beach, and we go down to the beach each morning and night. He loves to drag logs around or leaping over obstacles. We went up to Whistler over the winter on weekends with my parents dog (golden doodle)- he’s two and a half weeks older than chicken- and they wrestle non stop in the snow. The two of them are like brothers. Chicken makes me laugh nonstop. 

I just wanted you to know that he is the greatest gift, and everyone just falls in love with him when they meet him. Thank you, and I would really love to bring him out to see you. I will try to find your number and call myself. Take care, you breed amazing sammys! Sincerely Christie 

4. From Elle in Palmer, AK

Hi Karin!

He’s doing very well...has grown a bit over the last week and his ears are standing up about 3/4 of the way (just the tips are still down). We are still debating about his name...perhaps frosty, snowy or santa. We’ll let you know once we make a final decision on his name.

He’s very smart! He still hasn’t had any piddle accidents in the house...he’s quite good about going potty outside (but we do take him out every two hours throughout the day and twice in the middle of each night). 

He’s also learning what is “his” toys versus what is the “kids” toys....he’s good about dropping anything that he has in his mouth if i point to it and say a firm “no” (with just a few occasions where he prances around and dashes away with something in his mouth)

I'll be sending his crate back to you....I'll also get a weight for him as even though he’s grown he still feels like he’s only up to around 15 lbs or so (will let you know). I’ll also send photos when I take more....sometimes hard to get clear photos of a moving puppy. 

He’s quite adorable and sooooo very smart. we are enjoying him immensely and thank you so very much for sending him to us. he will be a treasured member of our family throughout his lifetime. I'll also keep you updated with photos and art etc....

Thanks again Karin!

Talk soon.... kindest regards,


5. From Denise in Farmingville, NY


"Mia" is doing great. She arrived on time and was great on the ride home. The girls, Nicole and Anne, are keeping her busy. I am happy to report that she has slept through the night for us! and has nibbled on her food. I don't have any ground beef for her so I will get her that this morning. I think that is what is missing from her food bowl to entice her to eat more. She also needs to get used to her leash. She likes going outside and has done her business when I take her out.

Thanks so much for our new playmate. We absolutely love her and she is adjusting well to us. I will send you some pictures and update you soon.

Have a nice day. Denise

6. From Ellen in Thousand Oaks, CA

Hello Karin and Bob,

This is Crystal...I got a pretty good closeup of her. She's a wonderful dog...she and Samantha are inseparable and love each other so much.  Crystal is "personality plus." She is so interested in everything,follows us  around and checks everything out. Samantha is 8; Crystal is 3. Samantha is very healthy and active...Crystal keeps her young. Samantha is so sweet, and
loves children and other dogs...Crystal isn't too keen on dogs--really  only likes people.

7. From George - Bedford, Virginia

The puppy made it home with us just fine. We let him out of his cage on the way home, and he slept all the way there. He is a very loving puppy, and has gotten along with all of my family, except our other little puppy, they're still feeling each other out. We love the puppy and he will be a fine addition to our family.

8. From April in Edmonton

The puppy is fantastic!! He is doing great in his new home. I am actually pretty surprised at how well he is actually behaving. I couldn't of asked for a better puppy. He is so.... good, but he is getting a little braver.

9. From Rev. Franklin Briar, WA

I thought I would write a note sort of summarizing things to this point. Your directions to the border were perfect. We got across in good order.

The one problem we had almost the entire trip was how much the little guy cried. I felt terrible about it, thinking of the anxiety he would be experiencing at being taken away and I pictured myself as setting up a 
mattress in the house and trying to comfort him every night for weeks on end. We stopped at rest areas on the way and I was surprised at how he settled  down when we stopped or when we let him out for a while. It must be the car itself that bothered him. We got home and put him on the floor and he ran over to Frosty and they touched noses and the little guy hasn’t looked back. In fact, he settled in immediately.

Since that time we have taken him in the car a few times. At first he began to cry as soon as he got in the car, but now he is quite comfortable. So, I realize that riding in the car, at least at first, was a very  traumatic thing for him. When we picked him up at your place we brought the carrier and pillows with us but of all things, he wanted to sit next to or lie on the chicken bones. I guess that made him feel a little bit at home. I suppose they all experience separation anxiety.

The other thing of interest to me was the way we prepared the house. We have a tri-level, so I thought it would be easy to restrict him naturally to a smaller part of the house. I put out a pillow near the large bay window at the opposite end of the bay from Frosty. Frosty likes to sleep there with his nose near one of the openings and watch what goes on outside. 
Then, a short distance away, I also put out the carrier with some pillows and toys in it figuring that he might like to be in a more confined area and feel a little bit more secure there.

In both cases, I made the assumption that he would want some sort of security – being close to Frosty or in the small carrier. However, it soon was apparent that his favorite place was in the entranceway where I have porcelain tile. It is very cold and it would seem to be just right for him.  He doesn’t need the comfort of the other dog. He doesn’t care that he is all by himself and not enclosed. He is very comfortable with himself. He doesn’t care if we are near or far. When he is tired he finds a comfortable spot and plops down.

He was able to climb the stairs shortly after he arrived. It is clear that he is so comfortable that he explores every part of the house and feels it is his right to be anywhere he pleases. In fact, it is rather nice in that he can come to my office (upstairs) and tell me when he wants to go out. He is pretty good about it but if I don’t make it snappy he will wet the floor.

In all, we love the little Prince and thank you for your kindness at our visit.

10. From Marcelle in Vancouver, WA

Hi Karen, Karin & Bob...
Pearl is doing great!!! We love her so much. When she first came home she was so shot from the long driving trip she basically slept for a day and a half, with potty breaks in between. Then she perked up. Karin...she is still the energizer bunny and exploring everything. We are sleeping again now, but we sneak in naps when Pearl is napping too. She loves running around the property and playing tug of war with the blow down from the fir trees. She is also an expert "truffle hunter". We didn't know we even had them, and I thought it was pigs that were the truffle hunters, but let me tell you...she is an expert, those specially trained pigs have nothing on her. She's a natural. In the last week she has gained 1.3 lbs and now weighs in at 12.8. We start puppy kindergarten tomorrow night and are looking forward to it. She is loving to be brushed, and we've started taking very short walks on a leash and she is walking very nicely. She is so smart. And she is so funny! 
Let me know when your in the area, we'd love to see and visit with you.

Thanks for checking in with us to see how it's going, we've had our hands very full here but we are having such fun, looking forward to talking to you again soon.

11. From Christine in La Habra Heights, CA

We have been so busy with Red Girl now called Summerhill's Princess Starlight ie: Starrie, that we have not had much time for anything else! She is the Energizer Bunny. She is smart and we have to keep one step ahead of her. Our Collie Prince, and our Golden Retriever Wendy, are protective of her. She is sleeping in the room with Wendy and Prince at night, and she seems to be happy with this arrangement. Her crate is in the middle between their crates, but the door is left open for her, so she can come and go as she pleases. She sleeps through the night this way. We had this room built for Wendy and Prince but it is fine for all three. All three are eating the raw diet. She likes it.

We had some additional questions for you. We have a very small pond and we stay with her outside on the lawn where the pond is located, but she takes a running leap for the pond. We have over an acre so it keeps us on the alert to keep track of her. Do you have any water on your property? We are thinking of putting a temporary cover on it. Any suggestions? She is a Houdini and we watch her carefully. She likes to bite playfully. What do you do? I try to distract her. She is a doll. She is spunky and a very bight beauty. Everyone that sees her falls in love with her and that expressive face. It is obvious that she has been very well taken care of and loved by you two. She is a healthy, confident and happy puppy. She will make her first visit to the Vet this Saturday.

12. From Evelyn in Glastonbury, CT

"Blue" is doing really well. We actually named him Sasza. He is very curious and gets into everything, but nothing that I wouldn't expect with a puppy. We have found that if he goes on a walk at night, it calms him down enough that he will go to sleep. He is doing well as far as housebreaking is concerned. His favorite chew toys are the rugs in the house perhaps because they are so durable, but I've found that he is a quick learner and that any demolition on his part is not intentional. He loves the garden and the yard. Watering flowers is perhaps his favorite activity especially with the hose. He loves playing with the water and doesn't mind getting wet. He also loves ice cubes. It is the most entertaining thing watching him chase ice all over the kitchen and pounce onto it only to have it slide away again. As far as eating, he is fine. He doesn't eat very much and prefers chicken to the beef mix, but he definitely gets enough to eat. There are a few stores in town that provide the kibble he eats, so that is good. I can email you some pictures of him in his new home in a couple days. Thank you very much for him. I have a feeling that I will not get much homework done for the next few months because of his antics.

13. From Teresa in Wilmington, NC

Hello to all in Canada - MoJo is doing wonderfully and I have to go on record as saying you were correct in the suggestion to have not one but two pups (one for my son and another for my daughter) to eliminate anxiety stress! 

We put them ( in separate crates) where they cold see each other! A couple barks - then quiet all night - we take him out first thing in the AM and he does great! 

I have to say he is so adorable - my son, TJ, is taking MoJo to puppy class. All the folks there who love their own new pups - are just gushing over him! ( How cute, how soft, how friendly!). TJ asked me to tell you that " MoJo is a very good dog and he's very glad he had the chance to have him as his dog."

The vet was extremely impressed with how healthy and happy he is. 

This was a Christmas that all of us will always remember- we have 2 new family members, and weren't even aware what a big hole our family had until these 2 lovable pups filled it for us!

14. From Franklin in Brier, WA

Prince is doing great – very active and extremely loving. He’s smarter than I remember any dog being and a little stubborn to go along with it. I think we need another active dog to keep him busy as he runs me around something fierce. We really love the little guy. People have stopped me to admire him. We take him to play at the off leash area on the beach in Edmonds and met a lady who knew you. She had a smallish female but has owned a number of Sammy’s in the past. Prince loves to see her (the dog) and she loves to see him. The Sammy’s seem to seek each other out for play.

15. From Kevin in Monterey Park, CA

Regarding the puppy. He has adapted very well to our home. He is a very curious puppy and doesn't like to be alone. Luckily someone is always with him and he seems to always have a smile on his face. We've given him a lot of chew toys because I think he is teething and even a new bed that he seems to enjoy. He goes in and out of the house as he pleases and the potty training seems to have improved a lot (just a few accidents here and there) by using those training pads they sell at pet stores. We have a big back yard with a hill that he loves to run up and down on. He brings a smile to all of our faces ever time we come home. He is the perfect addition to our home! Thank you!

16. From Tania in Vancouver, WA

Hi. It took us a few days to all agree on a name that fits the puppy. The kids finally chose the name Rocky. It actually fits him very well. He is a bundle of joy and is acclimating very quickly. He loves the children so much and can't stand it when they leave for school. He is Mr. Popularity in the neighbourhood, and when he goes to school with me to pick up the kids he draws an enormous crowd. He thrives on all the attention and is very well-behaved while he gets mauled.

Thank you again for Rocky. He will be treasured for his lifetime!! I might contact you in the future for some information on how to start out doing shows.

17. From Alison and Joanna in Jacksonville, OR

Bob and Karin,
Hi - we purchased a puppy from you a year ago in March, and I just wanted to let you know that we are so happy with her. I cannot tell you how many people have offered to buy/take Blizzard if we no longer wanted her. She has one of the best personalities I have ever seen in a dog. Thank you again for a lovely Samoyed.

18. From Rex and Katrina - Lake Jackson, TX

Karin & Bob,

Thought you might like to see a picture of Frosty. This was taken within the past week. His personality is such a great match with all of us. He is doing great - very smart!

19. From Emily - Castle Rock, CO

Dear Karin and Bob,

Our wonderful dog, Misha, was six years old yesterday. I just can't believe it. He is absolutely the best dog I've ever had. Misha is absolutely gorgeous - both in looks and personality. He's social with everyone and everything. 

Our cat is afraid of everyone and everything except for Misha and me. The other day Misha was sniffing at our cat, Bijoux, and yawned really big. It was funny because Bijoux's entire head was basically in Misha's mouth, and the cat didn't think a thing about it. 

We live south of Denver, Colorado now and there are some sammys here, but none that are close to Misha's beauty or temperament. They seem a little more hyper and we love our mellow boy. He rarely barks even when deer and elk walk through our yard, but he does bark at the foxes and the coyotes who avoid our yard.

Thanks so much for a wonderful dog.

20. From Tanya in Annandale, VA

Mia is doing very well. She is growing like a weed. She is a very oral dog and chews on everything. She is a very smart dog and is really training us. We have a doggie door that leads onto a deck and she seems to like to spend most of her time outside on the deck. Mia loves to play fetch. She has several balls that she likes and she runs after them and pounces on them before bringing them back to you. She is tireless and always ready to play. It's a good thing there are 4 of us to play with her, she wears a person out. We love her.

21. From Donna in Port Angeles, WA

I wish I could have spent more time with you and your wonderful dogs. Our newest little girl has joined in with the other two like she has always been with them and I. never dreamed this would be so easy. She is going to the doors to go out to potty. Accidents occassionally happen due to our not hearing her ring the bells. She walks perfectly on a leash and enjoys running as we go to the mail box. She runs all over the house and pretty much just follows us where we go. She plays very well with our other two little dogs. She is using her kennel and we let her go in and out of it as much as she wants to all day long. 
Thank you once again for our lovely little girl

22. From David and Karen in St Thomas, ON

I just wanted to send you a update on Sienna. She was in this week for her next puppy shots. She now weighs 18lbs ! She is a very happy girl and has quite the personality too. Our vet was very impressed with her progress and commented on how nice her stride is, as well as how she stands. She's definitely a beauty and loves to flash her long eyelashes !
I want to thank you again for helping us add Sienna to our family. She's only been here a short while but it seems like she's been here forever. She is everything we had hoped for and more.

23. From Woody and Steve in Snoqualmie, WA

We are thoroughly enjoying having the puppies. They provide so much fun for both Steve and me. Admittedly, we fuss over them, but they seem to return the affection.

You should see them at play. They seem to delight in taunting each other – getting into custody battles over leaves, sticks, or about anything that’s been dropped along their walking trails. Almost every day, they go to the tennis court. Generally, there are no crazy people playing tennis, so we close the gate and turn them loose. They have a field day – usually get very wet and dirty. When we get home, they are “attacked” by “the tornado” – a grooming blower which has already paid for itself. It’s great not to have wet dogs. 

Behavior wise, Sasha seems more excitable than Nikki – but they seem to be meeting in the middle. We’ve “caught” him teasing her and “fighting” back when she taunts him. She is an amazing runner – very, very fast. Nikki generally doesn’t keep up with her. On the other hand, he seems to be a problem solver. He’s been known to figure out a short cut – and beat her across the tennis court, for example. To us, they are both very lovable – will seek us out, put their paws up on our chair (or bed) to make their presence known.

We’re starting to get them to “cooperate” when on their leashes – not to pull and carry on – and they do seem to be getting better. From time to time, we take them out for separate walks. The one left at home general gets very upset – whines like crazy even though one of us is literally at hand. If all four of us go out and then peel off in opposite directions, the puppies let their objections be known – but they seem to be coming to the realization that there will be a reunion very soon. 

We are crazy about Nikki and Sasha and are grateful that you got them off to such good starts. We’d be delighted to see you out here on the Ridge – or at a rendezvous point – whenever you are in the Seattle area

24. From Chelsea Carroll in Halifax NS

I hope this email finds you in good health and happiness!  I was recently at the doggie expo in Halifax and met two other Summerhill Sammies sired by Samson and Enchantress.
They were beautiful dogs and it was so nice to meet relatives of Dawson!  I am just emailing you to update you on Dawson's life thus far!  He is an incredible dog (and I am not just biased) who
I personally think if trained in the ring would be Westminster worthy!  He is incredibly handsome, bright, funny and loveable.  He currently goes on two off leash hikes a week with a dog walker and I take him out to explore beautiful Nova Scotia any chance I get - usually on the weekends.  He is a spoiled brat who has such zest for life. I love him to death and thank you guys every day for bringing my best friend into my life.